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Relationship Enrichment: The Owner of Lakeside, Kevin Hill, has a Passion not only for Running Super Fun Weddings, but He also has a Passion for Helping Couples to have a Truly Successful Marriage & Relationship. Down below you'll find 10 Questions, and Questions 2-10 Lead to Chapters of a Free Online Marriage Book that Kevin wrote.

Step #1: Take my Free 10 Question Relationship Test to see if anything Applies...

The Big Question

1. Can you learn something new about relationships?     If NO, You're "Done". If YES, Finish This TEST.


2. Ever feel like something/someone is more important to your spouse, than U? *If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE


3. Does your spouse sometimes make decisions that affect you ... without you? *If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE


4. Do you sometimes get offended, but just "let it go", to avoid more fighting? *If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE

Anger & Resentment

5. Does your spouse sometimes get angry and then suddenly blow up on you? *If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE

Conflict Resolution

6. Do you at times feel like your spouse is blaming you when things go wrong? *If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE

Listening to Understand

7. Do you ever feel like your spouse is not "listening to understand" your heart? *If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE

Changing Your Spouse

8. Do you sometimes feel like your spouse is trying to fix you, or change you? *If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE


9. Have you ever had a disagreement about how each of you spend money? *If YES/Maybe ... Click HERE

Different Planets

10. Do you sometimes feel like your Significant Other is from a Different Planet? *If Yes/Maybe ... Click HERE

Step #2: If any of these Questions "Pop out" to you, take a few minutes to visit my Free & Easy to use, Relationship Enrichment Website at ...


Kevin offered us a complimentary pre-marriage "Relationship Enrichment Session", and to be honest, we were a little nervous; not because of our relationship, but because we never thought we would be doing counseling. 

I cannot express how comfortable Kevin made us feel! It was the first time he had met my fiance, and talking about the personal details of your relationship isn't really an ice-breaker conversation, but Kevin made us both feel at ease.


The information he gave us was so helpful, and he walked us through every step, and even gave us advice for future issues we could encounter. It was a great experience and we are so thankful for Kevin and his time with us!! ~Brett & Melissa 

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