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(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Are Your Rates?

For Our Rates...  Click HERE

2. What is Your Process for Organizing Weddings?

We have 5 Steps... Click HERE

3. What are Your Open Dates at Lakeside? 

For Our Open Dates... Click HERE

4. Do you have Reviews we can check out?

For Our Reviews... Click HERE

5. How do we Set Up a Tour?

Just Call/Text KEVIN at 916-370-9349, Kevin even Answers the PHONE!

* For Directions: Click HERE

6. What is Your Alcohol Policy?

At Lakeside we do Allow Alcohol, but we try to avoid people getting Hammered, which is why we don't allow "Taking Shots", but do allow Beer, Wine and one or two Signature Pre-mixed Drinks (like a Margareta). We also ask that Cans be used instead of Bottles.

7. How many guests can you seat in your Venue?

Our Venue normally seats up to 162 people, which includes 20 Round Tables seating 8 people each, along with our Sweetheart Table that seats 2 (for our bride & groom). But we have done a Quince for 200 people, but that was pushing the envelope.

8. If we like the Venue, what would it take to Lock in a Date?

After taking a tour of our Venue and learning all about our Planning Process, if you decide you would like to move forward and "Lock Your Date in" at Lakeside, it would require signing our Simple Contract, along with sending a $700 Deposit. $500 of that would come out of the balance, and $200 would go toward your $200 Cleaning Deposit, which gets returned after the Wedding.

9. How do payments work at Lakeside?

Our favorite way to collect payments is through Venmo or the Cash App, but we also take cash or checks (the kind that don't bounce). And as far as how you make payments, that is up to you, but Payment in Full is due no later than 14 Days before the Wedding day.

10. What Company Policies do you have that Set You Apart from Other Venues?

1. We Always Strive to Go Above & Beyond our Clients Expectations.

2. We Always Respond A.S.A.P. to our Clients (we answer the phone).

3. We Always Work Hard to make Your Wedding Planning Simpler.

4. We Always do whatever it takes to Make Your Event Lots of Fun!!!

5. We CARE, not only About Your Wedding, but We Also Care About Your Marriage.

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