Kevin & Sabra Hill

Kevin and Sabra Hill are the owners of Lakeside Weddings and Events, which is located 20 minutes north of Houston Texas, off Highway 59.


After running a successful Wedding DJ Company in California for the last 15 years, Kevin decided to move to Texas to make a new start in a state that was more suited to his beliefs and convictions. Kevin specializes as a Wedding DJ, MC, Officiant and Venue Manager. 


Kevin and Sabra are big on Family, and have 7 children and four Grandchildren, with one more on the way, and are truly loving all the Southern Hospitably, and new found freedom from all the Politics of California, here in the Beautiful State of Texas.

More about the team...

Kevin Hill


CEO, Emcee, DJ, Entertainment Director, Officiant, Photographer & Founder

Kevin is the Founder and the CEO of the Company, and spends most of his week either organizing weddings, or hanging out with his beautiful wife and 7 Amazing kids. Kevin enjoys being in the Great Outdoors, camping, traveling, listening to music, or doing what he can to help couples have Truly Amazing Weddings. If you asked Kevin what his greatest goal in life would be, he would tell you that it would be for him to be able to simply make everyone around him into better people. 

Alyssa LeDeit


DJ, Entertainment Director & Photographer

Alyssa is one of our Music Guru's, and has been DJ'ing Weddings for over 4 years now. When she is not Rocking the Dance Floor, she is spending time with her adorable one year old baby girl and fiance, or just skipping around town having fun. Most of the things that Alyssa enjoys, are centered around her family, which goes hand in hand with her lifetime goal of being a great Mom, a Great Wife, and a really great Friend.